IN-PERSON - Preparing Your Clients to Sell Their Business

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Time: 11:45am - 1:30pm
Location: Alberto's Ristorante
Speaker: James M. Callahan, Esq. & Michaela Herlihy, CFP

Help your small business owners plan for the future of their business. Preparing Your Clients to Sell Their Business includes conversation on succession planning, retirement planning and estate planning. We will discuss:

  • a variety of perspectives on preparing for the next stage of their small business (e.g. external v. internal plan)
  • the pros and cons of each scenario
  • helping small business owners to acquire the information they need to plan for the future that best suits their situation (assembling your team – legal, tax, financial, estate planning)
  • how to obtain a business valuation
  • how to choose and prepare a successor
  • steps to take to make sure they are able to enjoy the retirement that they envision for themselves

Jim Callahan, a Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School graduate, has practiced business and real estate law for 35 years in NH and MA.   He has a sub-specialty in business succession planning.  Jim has a law degree from the University of Maine and an MBA from Northwestern University.

Michaela Herlihy is President of Beacon Financial Planning, Inc.  Throughout her 17 years in the industry, Michaela has been involved in three successfully executed financial planning firm succession plans.  She utilizes this first hand knowledge to help other business owners prepare for their own succession planning.  


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